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he beginnings of Artmoon’s bookbinding and restoration workshop date back to 1986, when a gap had been created in the Girona sector of hand-made bookbinding caused by the closing of two workshops: Palahí Bindings and L’Auca Bindings.

Currently, one of the founding partners continues with the task that one day was undertaken with enthusiasm and with four tools: a manual guillotine, a shear, manual wood presses, press to make engravings and manual wood bending machines. Little by little, the craft workshop has been completed with the incorporation of new tools such as, for example, the typefaces of bronze letters, which are currently a great legacy to achieve new artistic purposes. The increase in workload has allowed the incorporation of new tools in the workshop, and these have favored being able to respond to new orders through new services, always from an artisan perspective and working for a high quality and exclusive product.

Entrepreneurship and technology have converged, but the genuine machinery has been maintained and we have adapted to the new needs, which have led us to expand the range of products we offer. Since the year 2000 we have made ourselves known to work from Girona for Europe, making artisan rigor prevail and taking great care of the secrets of the trade. The adaptation to the new challenges has involved work that we could not have imagined at first, such as the elaboration of exclusive restaurant menus, a product in which we have specialized.

Throughout the years, the orders have been changing and it is curious to remember that they frequented the requests of bindings of specialized magazines, checkbooks, books of accounting of companies, official bulletins, newspapers like La Veu de Catalunya , minutes …; currently, however, the product that is being worked requires experimentation with new materials, forms and uses, combining design, art and technique; all possible thanks to the experience and teamwork to do a job well done.

We have always worked with constancy and an example of this is our bookbinding art: The great content of the mon, commissioned by the “Rotary Club”, accounting books of “La Maquinista” or “Farinera Teixidor”, works for the Casa de l’Ardiaca de Barcelona, ​​publications of the National Archive of Andorra, books of minutes of the Parliament of Catalonia, books of history destined to personages like the one that was president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Pujol i Soley, those who were presidents of the Parlament de Catalunya, Miquel Coll i Alentorn and Heribert Barrera i Costa or King Juan Carlos I of Spain. All these examples are nothing else than our commitment acquired little by little during 30 years with the workshop, with our intention of converting the projects, the ideas, into a reality that lasts over time. We are craftsmen, we make bindings, restorations and crafts and we are at your disposal.

En todos los productos que creamos; productos todos ellos artesanos y que, tras muchos años de experiencia, hemos podido recoger, trabajar, probar e innovar cuáles son las mejores y más adecuadas materias primas en cada proyecto según su utilidad. Esto nos garantiza Calidad en cualquier proyecto.
Cada proyecto en el que trabajamos nos aporta siempre un nuevo reto. Un nuevo desafío que nos hace innovar para encontrar nuevas soluciones, nuevos conceptos, nuevos productos y nuevos materiales.
Estilo, diseño y creatividad son conceptos importantes, ya que cada proyecto es único porque cada cliente también lo es, y eso nos permite continuar innovando en todo tipo de materiales, técnicas y nuevos conceptos.